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Copper Lion is a team comprised of young, energetic individuals who are all passionate about real estate. We are equally passionate about our mission to help you save as much of your hard-earned money in a real estate transaction. We are all based in the community that we serve. Have a look – you may recognize somebody!

Lewis Weinerman

Broker of Record
for over 30 years Lewis Wienerman has been in the financial services industry helping both corporations and individuals plan for their financial security. He entered into the real estate world to bring his expertise in dealing with people to help them buy and sell their dream homes. As a top producer in both fields, Lewis has been driven by the satisfaction of providing peace of mind to his clients to achieve their goals. Lewis is married and has five beautiful children, and resides in Dundas, Ontario.
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Cindy Greenbaum Smyth

With over twelve highly successful years of experience in the real estate market and over 65 million in sales, Cindy still has the same excitement and love for showing each new property that she did from the start. Cindy's goal is not to help people find a house but to "help them find a home." Cindy has been married for 29 years, having two children (including Spencer, another member of the Copper Lion Team).
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Judy Hodge

Judy is the Master of Administration, having been in management and administration for the better part of a mighty long career in the life insurance industry. For almost 17 years now, Judy has had the enviable honour to work alongside Lewis Weinerman. Judy lives in Burlington with her husband of 37 years, Doug, and their two sons. They enjoy watching hockey, baseball and Formula 1 together - most of the time.
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Dennis Rego

For over 25 years, Dennis has been a sales and marketing professional with leadership roles in multi-billion and multi-million dollar companies. Having been responsible for over $100 million in sales, Dennis has found a focus in marketing through many media. His skills include web development and digital marketing, video and audio production, photography, graphic design, and much more. He brings his unique blend of experience to Copper Lion to help people keep more of their money in the property sales transaction. Dennis lives in Dundas, Ontario with his wife of over 20 years and their 2 children, who continue to tolerate him to this day.
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Spencer Smyth

Sales and Marketing Support
Spencer is a young professional in the real estate market. After spending 2017-2022 at Western University, he studied business (specializing in accounting) and played on the championship varsity football team as a linebacker. Following in his parents' footsteps in sales, Spencer has been exposed and actively involved in sales and real-estate since a young age. Spencer's work at Copper Lion includes Sales, Finance, Marketing, and leveraging Copper Lion's growing social platforms to bring maximum exposure and opportunity to our clients.
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